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OMG colorful things!

40 novels and 160 pages later, I have arrived at summer.  This past semester was like carrying Professor Umbridge up Mount Everest as she lectures me. PS: I picture her fatter than she was in the movie. But it’s over now, and working with E. Lockhart turned my novel inside out—in a good way. I have a new main character and a more dynamic plot.

Here is an issue I kept running into though: I cannot write in order.

I’m fine up to the first forty pages, and then after that, scenes start popping into my head at random. I have no idea where they should be in the novel. Once I place them, writing to them becomes a problem.

Because of this issue, E. Lockhart recommended that I try a program called Scrivener. It changed my life. Seriously. If you want to know how it works, click here.

But basically, it lets you be as random as you need to be, rearrange scenes, make notes, drop pictures in, and do character and place sketches. In Word, my randomness was a serious handicap and caused me to have up to fifteen Word Docs open at a time.

Now, everything is contained in Scrivener, and my randomness has become a strength. For example, I’m currently working on the climax of my novel even though I haven’t written the middle.

If you haven’t taken a look at Scrivener, try it!