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My alley. Hope the plow comes soon!

I’m 100% snowed in which is perhaps a good thing since I have 40 pages of my novel due on Sunday, and I realized yesterday that I’m short one book somehow (I have to read 13 by Sunday. I only read 12).

But the miracle is that I actually have 40 pages to revise. I pounded those out over the last two weeks. And I owe it to Gracie Gold and her coach, Frank Carroll.

Gold wasn’t even in contention until six months ago when she started working with Carroll and let go of her fear of being imperfect. During an interview, she said that Carroll has been teaching her to skate like you love to skate.

Because I’m constantly turning my writing life over in my head like some neurotic compost pile, I heard Write Like You Love To Write.

Which I hadn’t been doing. I had been Writing Like I’d Love to be Published and Have An Income. Writing Like Writing Is A Waste of Time and Writing Like I have Something To Prove.

All of these things have fear behind them: Fear of Failure, Fear of Wasting Time, Fear of not Being Good Enough.

What if Gold hadn’t been able to get over her fears? Then she never would have had this Olympic experience (even though it wasn’t perfect).

I wouldn’t have been inspired by her.

Gold said, “When you let go of the fear, then you can love.”

A message to Future Anna who will forget:

Love Story.

Love your Characters.

Love Words.

Write Like You Love to Write.

Then, see what happens.