The Good News: big, bold eyebrows are back! Good thing I never pluck mine because I would have totally missed out on this opportunity to be naturally trendy.

my eyebrows

My Eyebrows! I know, right!

The Bad News: I set a goal of writing for three hours every morning this week so that at the end of the week, I’d have 15 solid pages. Instead, I wrote a few pages of unintelligible stuff and then spent the rest of my writing hours “organizing” my novel’s word documents.

Truth: my files were a serious mess.

Truth that is a lie: there is no way I can write a first draft of my first chapter without organizing these files.

(Insert my mother’s voice here) Say something positive dear. 

Fine. I am closer to writing than I was last week, if you can believe that. I’m like a shark, slowly circling a sea lion, getting closer and closer every time I lap around it. Soon, there’ll be blood. P.S. The sea lion is my novel. P.S.S. My novel will bleed? P.S.S.S. The sea lion probably wouldn’t just sit there while a shark circles it for weeks…so the sea lion is…wounded? Already dead? #worstsimileeverjustgiveup


Last summer, I was working with the amazing Megan Atwood on my novel, but I was really locked up (like I am now). She told me in no uncertain terms that I was to discontinue the work on my novel and write a short story with a protagonist that struggles with perfectionism. After I completed the short story, she would allow me to work on my novel. To Megan’s credit, it was really helpful to write that story.

I pulled it out this morning because all week I’ve been struggling with my perfect monster. It helped to read it again (even though my dead cat makes an appearance in the last paragraph).

I want to share it with you. I’m going to share it with you. I’m nervous about sharing it with you. A. it’s maybe hard to follow, B. it’s rather revealing, and C. my mom reads this blog, and there’s swearing.

But I’m going to share it because if even one person feels less crazy when they see how crazy I am, that’s a good thing, right?

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